World class Engineer

- Sanne Koomans

Your studies, your home!

- Bart van Koeveringe

Beyond education

- Isabel Mens

Wellbeing at all times

- Fien de Mol van Otterloo

Determine your own course

- Marten Leenders

Simple, Smart, Sustainable

- Maarten de Jong

Unity in community

- Julie Tazelaar

Recognition for your extracurricular activities on your diploma

- Stéphanie van Seters


Koomans (B-CE)

World class Engineer

Haaiii!!! My name is Sanne and I am the number 1 on ORAS's voter list for the student council elections this year. ORAS believes that you become the best engineer through education of the highest quality, supported by good facilities and sufficient room for personal development. We achieve excellence in education by working in a variety of areas. For example, we are working on guidelines for the number of deadlines during your studies and implementing new technologies, such as Virtual Reality, in your subjects. This also includes good facilities such as sufficient study places, XXL opening hours and the Collegerama. We also focus on personal development, through initiatives such as a flexible X-subscription and recognition for your extracurricular activities. Do you think it is important that education remains at the highest level so you can develop into a world-class engineer? Then vote May 11 and 12 for ORAS!
Bart van Koeveringe (B-AP)

Your studies, your home!

Hello! My name is Bart and I am the number 2 on the ORAS list for this year's student council elections. ORAS believes that education should be supported with the right facilities. This means that you should be able to study on a high tech campus, equipped with high quality supporting educational facilities. In addition, it is important to feel at home at the Delft campus, by making the campus a nice place to study, but also to meet fellow students. As ORAS, we are working on providing enough suitable study places, for example with the renewal of the studyplaces at the Library. We also believe that the campus should be a safe, inspiring and accessible place. This way, we can create a pleasant study climate in which there is room for more than just studying! Do you think this is important too? Then vote for ORAS on 11 and 12 May!
Mens (B-ID)

Beyond education

Hi! My name is Isabel, I am a third year Industrial Design student and this year I will be the number 3 on the list of ORAS during the student council elections. ORAS believes in giving you the opportunity for personal development in addition to your studies. This includes, for example, doing a dreamteam, a board year, a committee, having a side job or playing an instrument. We also believe that the TU Delft should accommodate these active students in the form of recognition and financial support. That is why we are busy improving the facilities like the profiling fund so that everyone can develop themselves next to their studies! Do you think self-development is important too? Vote ORAS on 11 and 12 may!
Fien de Mol van Otterloo (B-TPM)

Wellbeing at all times

Hi, I am Fien, 3rd year student of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management and I am number 4 on the ORAS list this year. As ORAS, we think it is important that students feel good about themselves but also know what to do when that is not the case. Wellbeing has received extra attention since the start of the corona pandemic and this is something we want to continue in the future. It is of all times, not only in crisis! This means that we work on prevention, accessibility and findability. For example, every student should be able to attend training courses and know where to look for help and support. TU Delft is a place where you can make mistakes, and where you also feel at home. A community with care and attention for others, where wellbeing is always open for discussion. Do you agree with this? Then vote for ORAS on the 11th and 12th of May!
Marten Leenders (B-ME)

Determine your own course

Hi! My name is Marten and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student. This year I am 5th on the list for ORAS for the student council elections. ORAS believes that you should be in charge of your studies. It is important that education and the right facilities support you in this. For example, ORAS is working on the possibility of retaking the same courses at other faculties. ORAS has also set up XXL opening hours during exam weeks so that you can study at times that suit your study rhythm. It is your future and therefore it is important that you determine the course of your studies. At the initiative of ORAS, a study planning tool will be developed to help you plan your studies. This is how you become the master of your studies! Do you think this is important too? Vote ORAS 11 & 12 May!
Maarten de Jong (B-ID)

Simple, Smart, Sustainable

Hi! My name is Maarten and I am a 1st year master student Integrated Product Design. This year, I am standing for election during the student council elections as the number 6 on the ORAS list. As ORAS, we believe that TU Delft should set the right example for its students and society. The TU Delft aims to have a CO2-neutral campus by 2030. As ORAS, we contribute to this by, for example, ensuring that it does not remain a matter of large studies and vague plans, but concrete actions. For example, we believe that the university should facilitate sustainable options to encourage students to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This can be done in the field of eating, drinking, travelling and many other everyday habits. We also want to support sustainable student initiatives and projects by setting up a sustainability fund. 2030 is fast approaching, which is why ORAS thinks that the catering industry, waste flows, furniture, energy use and much more should be made sustainable at the TU Delft soon! Do you want to contribute to achieving these sustainability goals? Simple; vote ORAS 11 and 12 May!
Tazelaar (B-Arch)

Unity in community

Hello! My name is Julie and I am a third year Architecture student. This year I am running as number 7 on the list of ORAS for the student council elections. Delft is a university with students from all over the world. Our city has a unique student culture, and ORAS values this greatly. As ORAS we have been working on strengthening the relationship between students and the city of Delft by constantly talking to students, the municipality and the TU Delft. Additionally, we try to make sure all students feel at home at the university and in the city and foster the bond between international and national students. To do this, we host monthly meetings with international student organisations, to make sure their voices are being heard. Through this we try to create one united TU community. Do you also think that everyone should feel at home at the TU? Then vote 11 and 12 May for ORAS!
Stéphanie van Seters (B-Arch)

Recognition for your extracurricular activities on your diploma

During your studies, you can undertake many activities in Delft to develop yourself personally, for example by doing a committee or dreamteam. This should be encouraged, supported, and rewarded as much as possible by the TU Delft. That is why ORAS believes that the extracurricular activities you have done during your study, should be reflected on your diploma. We are for example working on a recognition certificate for your committee, board or dreamteam. We make sure you receive more recognition for developing yourself during your student days!
Kors (B-ID)

Study where and whenever you like

The campus is the place where you should be able to study in the way you prefer. ORAS is committed to the quality, quantity and findability of studyplaces. Diversity in study places is also important to us, because everyone studies in their own way. Therefore, we are constantly involved in testing study places and are trying to get outdoor study places on campus. We also think it is important that the campus can be used extensively during the exam period, for which we have realised XXL opening hours and want to extend these to the mid-term period.
Martijn Oetelmans (M-ME)

Working together for a better student image

Corona had a big impact on everyone. Lecture halls were empty, pubs were closed and the bedroom suddenly became a studyplace. This not only had enormous consequences for the students' well-being, it also took its toll on our neighbours. The number of nuisance complaints rose and the image of TU Delft students got worse. For this reason, ORAS has been working a lot on improving this image. We have started a campaign to help students with tips & tricks, we talk a lot with associations, the municipality and the TU Delft. We are busy with organising the first 'Student Does Day' on 31 May. This is a large student volunteering day on 31st of May in which more than 30+ student organisations are participating to give something back to our city. This way, we all work together towards a more sustainable relationship between city and student.
Noortje van der Meulen (B-TPM)

Starting your master at your own moment

Over the past two years, ORAS has done a lot to ensure that there would be an exception to the bachelor-before-master rule to help students during corona.This exception allows students to start their masters without having completed the entire bachelor. This year, we have once again made a case for this. ORAS believes that there should be more room in the transition between the bachelor and the master, so that students are not unnecessarily delayed when they have not yet completed their bachelor. We have been very involved in the national lobby to introduce the exception for the current academic year.
Beentjes (B-AM)

FlexStuderen: Pay only for the courses you follow

ORAS thinks it is important that you have the opportunity to develop yourself both within and outside your studies. However, the financial resources of a student are limited, limiting the room for personal development. Studying has become more and more expensive, which means that taking part in extracurricular activities has to make way for working or full time studying. ORAS believes paying per course is the solution to this problem. This way, you can decide how many courses you take per year and pay only for those courses. This prevents expensive study delays and gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizon in addition to your studies. Because of this financial flexibility, you will have more freedom within your studies.
Mulders (B-ID)

At the TU Delft you can be & feel like you

ORAS wants the TU Delft to be a place where everyone feels at home, where you can be who you are and where you can express that. That is why we as Central Student Council work on contemplation rooms, diverse intake and integration of all students to form the TU Delft community. Studying is the time of your life and this often involves a new environment. We make sure you feel at home in Delft. And if not, you must be offered appropriate assistance. This is something we as the Central Student Council put our best efforts in.
Jitske van Leusen (B-ID)

Climate neutral printing on the whole campus

A lot of printing is done every year at TU Delft, both by students and staff members. Every month, a forest as big as the roof of the Library is being printed. This is why ORAS works on making printing on campus more sustainable. On the initiative of ORAS the entire TU campus prints on recycled paper! This ensures, for example, that 50% less energy is used per printout and litres of water are saved, all with no extra costs for the student. As a next step, ORAS is pleading for compensation for the climate for each printout being made. This is how we are working to make the campus more sustainable!
Jesse Voskuilen (M-AE)

BSA of the future

Every student has had to deal with it: the BSA. ORAS sees the BSA as an opportunity to get students in the right place, but it should not put too much pressure on students. At the moment, there is no second chance for students who receive a negative BSA. We strive for a BSA regulation in which it is possible for students to start the same study programme for the second time. With the right motivation and after getting used to the university, students can learn from their mistakes. In this way, all students end up at the right place without any detours.
Sabine van Epen (M-MSE)

Innovative & interactive education

ORAS believes in education that is both innovative and interactive. In recent years, we worked hard to bring the latest technologies to Delft. Virtual Reality, Holograms and Blended Learning are among others technologies we want to make the best use of for students. Holograms will be used in education in the short term. In addition, ORAS wants to achieve more interactive education by creating TU wide platforms such as StudeerSnel on which you can share notes and summaries with your fellow students! This is how you will be taken along in innovative education where you are heard!
Russel (M-CS)

Let the international students be heard!

ORAS stands for all active and motivated students, which obviously also includes international students. ORAS supports international associations though organising a monthly meeting to discuss relevant topics and help solve problems that occur. For example, ORAS made it possible for smaller associations to make use of empty rooms at faculties of TU Delft, to organise activities. Furthermore, we helped in setting up the ‘Walk&Talk’, for students to meet up during corona times. We stand for integration between Dutch and international students and always try to involve international students in what we do!
Wessels (B-AP)

Fewer obligations in education

ORAS believes that it is important that every student can study in a way that works for them. Obligations in education, such as compulsory lectures or deadlines, make this more difficult. In addition, these obligations also limit the possibility of development outside of one's studies, which ORAS considers to be very important. ORAS wants education to be more flexible so that everyone can organise their studies in their own way, leaving enough room for development.
Karla Echeverry (B-AES)

Delft, a welcome home for every student

ORAS strives for a Delft where everyone feels at home and where there are equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of origin or gender. Everyone should have the opportunity to feel part of the student community and to develop to their full potential here. In concrete terms, the Central Student Council has ensured that there will be gender-neutral toilets on the campus. As ORAS, we are committed to improving integration between international and national students. We do this for example by supporting international student organisations by facilitating a joint monthly meeting and by promoting activities on the ORAS-initiated Uni-Life app. In this way we are working to ensure that every student feels at home in Delft.
Sophie Storm van 's Gravesande (B-ID)

Know When and Where to find What Help

The TU Delft works hard to support students on well-being and personal development. The Central Student Council tries to keep the available wellbeing services always in line with the demand from students. It is of great importance that you, as a student, know what the TU Delft offers and how you can get in touch with it. Therefore, the Central Student Council has contributed to the creation of a Study and Well-being Information Map, which shows you which services the TU Delft offers and how you can get in touch with the person who can help you. This way you will know When and Where to find What help.
Maximilian Meijkamp (M-AE)

Find your study place in the Spacefinder

It can be difficult to find the right study place on campus. This is why, on the initiative of ORAS, the Spacefinder has been developed. The Spacefinder makes it easy to see where study places are located and also shows useful facilities such as printers, power sockets and nearby toilets. ORAS is now working on expanding this tool with live occupation of study spaces. This means that you will soon be able to check at any time of the day how busy it is in your favourite study area! This way we want to make finding the right study place easier for you!
Sanders (B-AP)

A future-proof campus

The pandemic has taught us a lot about new forms of education that might change education permanently. This also includes new facilities. ORAS thinks that it is therefore important that the campus responds to these changes and is ready for the education of the future. In concrete terms, this means that ORAS is now ensuring that more hybrid facilities are made available to students and that rooms are sought where students can also have their online meetings. In addition, it is important that the campus grows along with the high student numbers. This means that there always should be sufficient and suitable places to study in the future. With this, ORAS is committed to a future-proof campus!
Fleur Heeremans (B-CE)

Streaming lectures with the ease of Netflix

ORAS believes that you should be able to rewatch your lectures online in your own time. That is why, on the initiative of ORAS, the TU Delft has been working on an update of the Collegerama user environment. Soon it will be possible to make a playlist of your courses, and to store the lectures you follow. The user environment will be more similar to streaming services such as Netflix or Youtube. Besides Collegerama, a lot of other platforms were used during corona to make lecture recordings. ORAS wants to put all online materials in one big online archive so that all your lectures can be found quickly on one central platform. This way you can easily stream all your lectures, at any time that suits you!
David van der Peijl (B-Arch)

Vegan options in coffee machines

As of this year, thanks to ORAS, there are four coffee machines on campus that contain only vegan products! This pilot is running in four different buildings to see what students' experiences are with this way of consuming coffee. As ORAS, we are very happy that it is now easier for you to continue your sustainable choices on campus. By choosing a cappuccino or chocolate milk with oat milk you reduce the CO2 emissions of your daily cup. All drinks from these machines are also gluten-free and lactose-free. If the pilot goes well, we hope that soon the machines can be found in every building at the TU.
Vossen (M-LST)

A sustainable campus

The TU has an enormous amount of knowledge. ORAS believes that this knowledge can be used to make the campus more sustainable. For example, we would like to see the energy use better matched to the actual room occupancy. This will for example prevent rooms from being heated unnecessarily. ORAS will also ensure that choices in new furniture are strongly based on sustainability, as, for example, with the renovation of the Cone in the Library. We strive for reused or refurbished chairs rather than purchasing entirely new ones. We also think that the campus should radiate sustainability, for example by making green roofs the standard. The TU is working hard, but as ORAS we strive for real impact and will help where we can!
Veger (B-TM)

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Disposables are a thing of the past. ORAS stands therefore for optimized recycling, better waste separation and accommodating reuse. For example, we want to stimulate reuse by realizing more water taps on campus, by getting reusable takeaway containers in the TU canteens and by giving lost-and-found objects a second life instead of throwing them away. In addition, more recycling should be made possible on our campus. Thanks to ORAS you can recycle your coffee cups and hand in your PET bottles on campus, where the deposit goes to charity. In addition, we believe that there are still plenty of steps that can be taken to improve waste separation. Only together can we make our lifestyle on campus drastically greener. Can we count on your help? Vote ORAS on the 11th and 12th of May.
Lieke van der Linden (M-AM)

Extra studentpsychologists at the TU

At the TU Delft we have student psychologists which can help you with study-related problems. The procedures are shorter than with a normal psychologist and are especially meant to outline a good path for you and to help you further. Waiting times for the student psychologists vary greatly throughout the year. As the Central Student Council we believe that the waiting time should not structurally exceed five weeks. This way care is accessible for every student quickly enough and we can let these students take the first step to feeling better. If the waiting time is structurally longer than five weeks, we as a Central Student Council can make sure that extra psychologists are hired to reduce this waiting time. In this way we guard the wellbeing of the student.
Sterre de Lange (B-MST)

The campus as a place for everyone

ORAS believes it is important that everyone feel safe and at home on campus. The diversity of students at the TU is large and therefore we are constantly rolling out initiatives that can help all different kinds of students. For example, as ORAS we have started a pilot with free menstrual products in case of emergency, and as the Central Student Council, got the TU to start implementing an all-gender toilet on every faculty. Furthermore, we fight for more allergy-free options in catering and low-stimulus study places for students who need this!
Imhof (M-EE)

Accessible international experience

ORAS thinks it is very important that everyone gets the chance to experience studying abroad, because we believe that this can contribute a lot to your personal development. During corona, we made sure that exchanges, internships and graduation projects abroad could take place as much as possible. Also after corona, we will continue to work on ensuring that you get the opportunity to gain experience abroad.
Bouvy (B-AES)

Connected through the alumni network

A strong alumni network is important for both current students and alumni. That is why ORAS wants extensive cooperation between the university and the alumni. This can give today's students more insight into their future and the opportunities that come with it. ORAS is also working on life-long learning. For example, we have ensured that digital courses are offered to alumni. This way, you can continue to develop as an engineer throughout your life.

June 2nd & 3th, 2021

Student Council elections