Innovative and challenging education

- Yasmine Ouibrahim

ORAS cares about personal development

- Hielke Piera

Study with the best digital resources

- Coco Langens

The best education for the Delft’ student on a growing university

- Tim Scholts

Easy enrollment at X

- Zara-Vé van Tetterode

Systematic awareness for student wellbeing

- Lars van der Horst

Lecture halls also usable as study place

- Emilie Jong


Yasmine Ouibrahim (B-AR)

Innovative and challenging education

Hello! My name is Yasmine and I am a second-year bachelor student Architecture. In addition to my studies I, as a student of the well renowned TU delft, am very involved in issues pertaining to the development of our society and especially questions pertaining to the sustainability issues where energy will play a central role. I was able to achieve results in making a contribution on these societal issues by being involved in two committees this year at Stylos and the faculty student council for architecture. My involvement this year was focused on in helping improve innovation and the very basic facilities within architecture. This last issue is of primary importance for the entire TU Delft. That is me as part of ORAS I stand firm for. ORAS is innovative and is committed to Blended Learning and online courses, for a good combination of online learning and contact education. ORAS is also committed to Virtual Reality, with the VR Zone now supporting students, teachers and researchers in the use, construction and exploration of VR in education and research. With your voice we can continue to encourage the use of this. Vote for ORAS on 21 and 22 May!
Piera (B-AE)

ORAS cares about personal development

Hey upcoming engineers, do you believe that your student days should be about more than just your study? My name is Hielke and I’m number 2 on the list for ORAS for next year’s student council. In addition to my study Aerospace Engineering, I like to spend my free time playing sports and participating in student boards. I believe that there’s more to becoming a great engineer than just scoring good grades. Personal development in areas not related to your study, like sports, abroad life experience and dreamteams is just as important. The possibility for broadening your horizons should always remain at the TU Delft, even with the current study pressure. Do your student days mean more to you than just studying? Vote on the 21st and 22nd for ORAS!
Langens (B-ME)

Study with the best digital resources

Hi! I’m Coco, running as number 3 for ORAS. This year I’m studying in London and having a great time! I’ve studied Mechanical Engineering for three years and I’m using the year in London as preparation for the master biomechanics. The digital facilities at the TU enable me to complete the last module of my bachelor Mechanical Engineering at the same time. I watch lectures via Collegerama, find necessary programs on the Virtual Desktop and even reviewing my exam is possible with the exam scanning system. The IT facilities of the TU Delft are relatively good, but continuous improvement is essential. Delft is a technical university so needless to say our IT-tools should be state-of-the-art. Next year we will continue to expand the digital campus! Is this important to you too? Vote for ORAS May 21 & 22!
Scholts (B-ME)

The best education for the Delft’ student on a growing university

My name is Tim and I can be found at the fourth place on the list of ORAS. When I was a freshman at mechanical engineering I studied with 800 other first year students. It was not always easy to find a spot to finish our groupwork, but Pulse has solved this problem. After the course Computer science and engineering became English, the number of student grew exponentially. More teachers and space is needed to guarantee good education for all these students. We want to maintain the quality of the education at the TU Delft together with ORAS, even if the number of students grows in the next few years. We want to realise that students from all faculties can profit from high quality and personal education in these times of growth. Is this also your opinion? Vote for ORAS on the 21st and 22nd of May!
Zara-Vé van Tetterode (B-TPM)

Easy enrollment at X

Hi! Zara-Vé here! I’m a third year student at TPM and you can find me on the campus a lot. At the moment I’m studying hard and planning to earn my bachelor’s degree this summer! Furthermore I’m active at the rowing association Laga. For me, it is very important to be able to practice sports besides studying. You can find me at X anytime, to blow of some steam during spinning class, or relax at a yoga class. Unfortunately, the registration for these classes or reserving spaces at X is not an optimal system, yet. That is why Iwant to commit to improve the registration system! I want to create the possibility of reserving through your mobile phone, creating easy access to the facilities that X gives us!
Lars van der Horst (B-AR)

Systematic awareness for student wellbeing

Hi guys! I’m Lars and I’m in my second year of the bachelor architecture and the built environment here at TU in Delft! Two years ago I decided to study architecture because I wanted to develop my technical interests in a creative way. Here, I learned creativity is something that cannot be forced and that this process takes time. I believe that the same thing counts for studying in general. The increasing pressure to study has a negative influence on how you perform, but it also influences the way you feel besides your study. Awareness for the well-being of students appears to become more important now that the high studypressure seems to be the new standard. But studying with stress and under pressure does not have to become the new norm. ORAS is committed to increase the structural attention for the well-being of students! Do you also find this important? Vote ORAS on May 21 and 22!
Jong (B-EE)

Lecture halls also usable as study place

Hi! I’m Emilie and third-year Electrical Engineering student. I believe that the student life in Delft has more to offer than just studying. My study does not have many obligations which is why I am able to develop myself in other areas. For example, I am a member of the student association Virgiel, where I take part in committees and I hockey at a sub-association of Virgiel. Being busy besides studying means that you need to study hard at the right time. However, at the peak moments, during the weeks before the exams, it isn’t easy to find a study spot: if you’re not on time, there isn’t enough space. ORAS is already trying to fix this problem. According to ORAS anyone that wants to study on the campus should have a suitable study spot. For instance, ORAS wants to use lecture halls as study space, when these are not in use. Do you agree that there needs to be a study spot for every student? With your vote ORAS can achieve this!
Heineke (M-CE)

No evening lectures

To accommodate the growing number of students, the TU Delft wants to schedule evening lectures. We do not see this as a long-term solution and we would rather focus on new education rooms. Students experience increased work pressure due to the evening lectures. ORAS thinks that students should be able to relax in the evening if they want to. Are you against evening lectures as well? Vote ORAS on 21st and 22nd of May!
Tiebosch (B-AP)

Blended Learning used in education

Blended Learning is a form of education that uses the combination of on-campus education and online learning. This combination allows you to study more flexible, so you can influence the time, place and way you study. It also stimulates the in-depth personal education on-campus. This year ORAS has given a boost to the implementation of Blended Learning in the curriculum by applying this hybrid teaching methodology broadly to multiple core courses at the TU Delft.
Allard de Boeij (M-AE)

Climate neutral printing

Tens of millions of prints are made every year at the TU. This has a huge impact on the environment due to the high consumption of ink, energy and paper. Thanks to ORAS the new printers are more sustainable in their electricity consumption and ORAS sees other possibilities for sustainability. For example an option for climate-neutral printing, that way TU Delft students can choose to reduce their ecological footprint.
Breeman (M-AP)

No tuition fee for fulltime student board members

The rich student life of Delft offers many opportunities for personal development. A major part of the student community is run by students themselves. ORAS believes it’s important that joining a committee or board is accessible for everyone, and therefore we want to decrease financial barriers. We want active and motivated students to pay only for the education they use. Therefore ORAS wants to make it possible for students to be member of a fulltime board for a year without paying tuition fee.
Nelen (B-CS)

Careful handling of your data in Brightspace

In the current digital age, it is very important that TU Delft is careful with your student data. Brightspace gives lecturers the option to use student data to improve their courses. Lecturers should deal with this student data transparently and with great care. For example, students may not be disadvantaged by teachers as a result of the student's Brightspace use.
Nouguès (M-OE)

High quality Collegerama

Thanks to ORAS, every student can use Collegerama; a tool that helps students study flexibly. This allows you to review complicated lectures the moment you want. ORAS fights for a recording of every course in Collegerama and ORAS continuously argues for the further development of Collegerama. A new interactive user environment will be realized. In addition, we think Collegerama should be integrated into MyTimeTable and Brightspace. Do you like this too? Then vote for ORAS!
Spruijt (B-AR)

A diverse, sustainable and cheap catering menu on campus

The past three years, ORAS has been involved in choosing the new caterer. Your opinions regarding the caterer have been taken into account and have had a big influence. Now, we are monitoring the catering sharply to ensure that your wishes are actually being fulfilled. ORAS sees an improvement with the previous years, but notices that certain improvements are yet to come. That is why ORAS remains committed to improving the catering and pushing for your wishes!
Bob van der Windt (B-ME)

The campus as a meeting place

ORAS sees the campus as something more than a place to study. It should be a place where you can relax and meet people as well. The proper facilities are needed for this: enough space in the Mekelpark to hang out, enough tables to have lunch, but also bars like Coffee&Bikes and Labs. Friendships with people from different backgrounds are made here! We endorse the importance of bars for study associations. ORAS will keep striving for a campus like this.
Hoekman (B-MST)

View all your exams online

After taking your exam you often want to see it. This can sometimes be difficult and is usually only possible at specific moments. It would be ideal to be able to view every exam online; you can learn from your own mistakes in this way. Possible errors that teachers may have made are easily corrected and teachers can grade more efficiently and therefore faster.
David Chamorro Acosta (M-CE)

A place for internationals in the Delft student community

Over the years the university has become more international. The student life in Delft offers students extensive opportunities to develop themselves outside of their curriculum to become the best engineer they can be. Next to that, it gives you a way to relax and enjoy Dutch culture. We want more integration of international students in the Delft student community.
Smit (B-AES)

Teachers who master their English language skills

With growing education in English it is highly important that teachers speak English sufficiently. The English language proficiency of teachers should never limit you in your ability to follow a course. This year there is a new requirement for the English level of teachers. ORAS thinks it is important to evaluate this requirement and change it if necessary. Is it your opinion as well that teachers should be sufficient in English? Then vote ORAS!
Vinke (B-IDE)

Better regulations for studying abroad without boundaries

Studying abroad in an international and multicultural environment is an excellent way to broaden your horizon. ORAS wants to give everyone the opportunity to go abroad during their studies. Unfortunately, we think a lot of students know too little of the possibility to study abroad during their Bachelor or Master. Therefore, ORAS wants to improve communication around studying abroad and to ensure every student can study abroad without any boundaries.
Dankers (M-AP)

More high quality sports fields on campus

Earlier this year the renovation of the sport and culture facilities inside building X was completed. With this renovation and the extension of a new hall, the capacity of the building has increased significantly. However, there are not enough top-notch sports fields outside. ORAS wants more high-quality sports fields for sporting without injuries. Do you also think there should be enough space for every athlete? Vote ORAS!
Thomas IJzerman (B-MT)

A study place that changes throughout the period

ORAS looked into what students need in their studyplaces (by doing surveys among students). Per faculty this has been further looked into, in cooperation with Study Associations, Faculty Student Councils and employees from the university by the Central Student Council. During an education period the demand for a certain study place may shift, for example from project place to self study place. The TU will take all this information with them when designing and renovating study places on campus. Choose ORAS if you want this continued next year!
Paula van der Meer (B-LST)

Graduate anywhere you want

Every student has their own interests: diving deep into research, finding practical solutions or being entrepreneurial. We as ORAS believe that you should be able to choose where and how you do your thesis. That makes your thesis choice a meaningful contribution to your personal and academic development. Would you also like to finish your studies with pleasure and enthusiasm? Vote ORAS on the 21st & 22nd of May!
Analikwu (B-NB)

A feasible study programme for the Delft’ student

ORAS believes that all curricula must be properly evaluated to make sure they remain studyable. This means courses must fit in well with each other and the study load must correspond to the number of ECs that you receive for a course. Furthermore, the study pressure must be carefully disseminated, so you have the freedom to choose how and when to study. This means that there should not be too many obligations. By, among other things, improving the course evaluations the problems are more visible.
Marlou Tiesinga (M-TIL)

A bachelor in Delft will always give access to a master in Delft

According to ORAS, anyone who has followed a bachelor's at TU Delft should also be able to follow a master's here. With a Delft bachelor degree, you have proven to have the right qualities to start a Delft master's. The skills you have developed during your bachelor period fits in well with the masters that are offered in Delft. TU Delft must therefore ensure that all Delft students can do a follow-up master here.
Clemens (B-AR)

Apply for your courses without trouble

The TU Delft wants to have Application for Education implemented on every faculty. This means you have to apply for each course before you can participate. ORAS thinks this should not cause study delay! In the regulations of the TU Delft it is now ensured that if you have a good reason you can apply after the deadline. Furthermore, applying for a course is already separated from applying for an exam. Do you agree? Vote ORAS!
Jolijn van Dijk   (B-TPM)

Versatile engineers by a Leadership Academy

Technology takes an ever increasing role in society. Delft engineers play a big role in the development of these technologies. That includes, besides engineering proceedings, leadership and social engagement. Therefore ORAS commits to a Leadership Academy where students can develop their leadership skills by following courses, doing workshops and attending inspiring lectures.
Ilse van Milaan (B-AR)

Use an online tool to organize your study

The non-nominal completion of your study or attending elective courses can result in an unclear study plan. ORAS is working on the development of an online tool in which you can clearly plan all your courses. In this studyplanner you have a clear overview of when courses are taught, whether your courses overlap in contact time, and whether the study load of your course package is manageable.
Schlösser (B-ME)

Lifelong learning at the TU Delft

In a quickly changing world, having your knowledge up-to-date is crucial. That is why ORAS believes that it should be possible to follow courses at the TU Delft, even after you graduate. ORAS has already achieved that as a graduate you can follow courses with a discount and will keep encouraging the university to invest in Lifelong Learning at the TU Delft.
Kramer (B-CE)

Choose the minor that fits you!

As ORAS we believe that it is important to have freedom in choosing your minor. Also, we think every student should be able to do a minor wherever he or she wants. To help students find the best match we find that the TU Delft has a responsibility in providing the right information and guidance about all minors offered. We want an interactive minormatrix to help you with your minor choice. Do you want the same? Vote ORAS on the 21st and 22nd of May.
Laurens Vergroesen (B-EE)

A campus with modern conveniences

ORAS is devoted to make sure that the time you spend on campus is as comfortable as possible. In addition to making sure that there are high quality lecture halls and study places, we think that there are more important facilities. For example printing without problems, using wifi, buying food and having suitable roads and bike lanes. Thanks to ORAS and STIP there is a supermarket on campus and through intense collaboration with the TU you can enjoy coffee and repair your bike at Coffee&Bikes!

May 21st & 22nd 2019

Student Council elections