World class Engineer

- Maud Reinders

Time for development

- Matthijs van Teeffelen

Sustainable, of course!

- Alexandra Schelling

Wellbeing matters!

- Jelle Stap

Your perfect campus

- Jozua Heule

Your study, your course

- Tessa Hartog

Home sweet Delft

- Madelon van Haften

Paying per credit

- Janneke Lombaers

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11 & 12 May, 2022

Student Council elections

The three pillars

The vision of ORAS is set up using three pillars

... for a high quality diploma
... for optimal support
... for personal development
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The combination of top-notch education, that is supported by good facilities and extensive opportunities for personal development, will make you the best engineer!


Reinders (B-IDE)

World class Engineer

Hiii, my name is Maud, I’m a third year IDE student and this year I am number 1 on the list for the student council elections of ORAS! Vote ORAS to uphold and enhance TU Delft's global reputation as a leading university! We commit ourselves to education of the highest quality, with the right facilities for personal development. ORAS has established Collegerama and is now pioneering the use of VR in education. Thanks to our new Spacefinder app, finding an available study spot will be quick and easy. And with pay-per-course, we want to accommodate everyone who, for example, engages in top sports, committees, or caregiving. Be a part of a brighter future for TU Delft!
Matthijs van Teeffelen (B-TPM)

Time for development

Hi, I am Matthijs, fourth-year TPM student and this year I am number 2 on the ORAS list! Becoming a well-rounded student takes more than just hitting the books. You should be able to join a committee, board, hit the gym, and have a side job. These options should be available to everyone! That's why TU Delft needs to step up with official recognition and financial support for active students. And guess what? We've already made progress! Starting from the academic year 2023-2024, ORAS has arranged for the financial compensation to be distributed halfway through and at the end of the year. So vote ORAS and take those chances to grow and shine in and out of the classroom!
Alexandra Schelling (B-AE)

Sustainable, of course!

Heyy! I’m Alexandra, studying AE and claiming the 3rd spot on the ORAS list. For years, ORAS has been committed to promoting sustainability and recognizes the importance of creating a more sustainable campus. We believe that investing in climate-positive buildings and renovations is crucial to achieving this goal. As part of our efforts, we have made it possible to separate waste and print on recycled paper. Additionally, we are actively working to reduce waste through the implementation of reverse vending machines. Recently, we collaborated with TNW and GreenTU to organise a campus-wide Green Week. If you want TU Delft to not only educate top engineers but also be an example in sustainability, then vote for ORAS!
Stap (B-AP)

Wellbeing matters!

Hey, my name is Jelle and after having been a student for 5 years I know that you can not ace every exam, or that a seasonal depression can take its toll. Luckily ORAS sees the TU Delft as a place where you can comfortably make mistakes and get support when times are tough. Our top priority is student welfare and social safety. Studying can be challenging, so we maintain close communication with study advisors to generate solutions. No need to wait for student psychologists with us! We prioritise personalised education and accessible communication between students and teachers. Our "Are you okay?" campaign fosters open dialogue about transgressive behaviour and promotes a secure community. Well-being is at the core of our values and always open for discussion, never taboo.
Heule (B-AE)

Your perfect campus

Hello! My name is Jozua and I study Aerospace Engineering. This year, I am ranked number 5 on the ORAS list. ORAS’ got your back! We've been working hard to provide you with all the facilities you need for a stress-free campus life. From private meeting rooms for peaceful online meetings to free menstrual products at every service desk, we've got you covered. But we won't stop there - ORAS is always hard at work to make your campus experience even better! By voting for us, you'll also get a brand new padel court on campus, giving you a chance to study, relax, and enjoy yourself at TU! Vote for ORAS and let's make campus life a breeze!
Hartog (B-NB)

Your study, your course

Heyy! My name is Tessa and I am a Nanobiology student. This year I am number 6 on the list of ORAS for the student council elections. ORAS believes that you should have control over your own studies, including how you pay for them. That's why ORAS aims to enable you to pay per course instead of per academic year in the future. This, in addition to introducing longer opening hours during exam weeks and the possibility of retaking courses at other faculties, will allow you to set your own course and become the boss of your studies, with the education and facilities you need to support you.
Madelon van Haften (B-TPM)

Home sweet Delft

Hii! My name is Madelon. This year I am going to finish my bachelor’s degree at TPM and I am standing for election as number 7 on the ORAS list. ORAS prioritises creating an inclusive community that welcomes international students. We're aware of the challenges studying abroad brings and want to help make the transition to life in Delft smoother. That's why we want to establish a public transport compensation program for international students. All students should have access to TU Delft facilities, including smaller and international student organisations. We promote cultural exchange through our Walk&Talk program (in collaboration with VSSD), connecting Dutch and international students through informal conversation. ORAS believes these initiatives create a welcoming and inclusive community for all students in Delft. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of background, and we invite you to join us in building a better university.
Janneke Lombaers (B-ME)

Paying per credit

ORAS strives to make studying more affordable for you. By paying only for the courses you take, you can avoid wasting your money on courses you don’t follow. Whether you're engaged in a board year, actively involved in sports, or feeling a bit overwhelmed, ORAS helps you maintain financial control. We want to ensure that you pay no more than the standard tuition fee!
van Haren (B-IDE)

Padel court on campus

Explore the fastest-growing sport in Europe at TU Delft's campus! Vote for a padel court and challenge yourself with this fun and engaging sport. Get to know new people and improve your fitness level!
Sietje Piebenga (B-IDE)

Free menstrual products anywhere on campus

Since last year, you can get free tampons and pads at every service desk for emergency situations! Thanks to ORAS, you no longer have to go home in these situations. After all, we believe that nothing should limit you from feeling comfortable at TU Delft! Do you agree?
Sander Kamminga (B-CE)

BSA reduction to 40 ECTS

At ORAS, we believe that the BSA (binding study advice) requirement is too high and needs to be reduced to 40 points. We also advocate for the availability of all your results from the first semester so that students are able to make an informed decision to either continue or quit their program. This approach will alleviate the pressure on students while helping them make the best decision for their future studies.
James Buysschaert (B-TPM)

Live overview of available study places

Do you recognize the feeling that the nice study spots at the campus are all occupied? ORAS is currently working on an app to help you with this. Soon you will be able to see at a glance which study spots match your needs and whether they are still available at that time. That way you'll never have to bike to campus in uncertainty again!
Jelle Gortemaker (B-CE)

Resiting exams at other faculties

ORAS believes that studying should be flexible. That's why we ensure that you can resit exams at other faculties if it suits you better. This way, you can follow the education when you want to.
Budding (B-AP)

Exemption of tuition fees for board members and Dream Teams

Don't let tuition fees hold back your development! ORAS makes board and Dream Team experiences accessible to every TU Delft student. We fight for tuition fee exemption for full-time board members and Dream Teams. Choose personal development without financial worries, choose ORAS!
van Mens (B-IDE)

Waste-separating trash bins

Thanks to ORAS, the massive amount of waste generated by TU Delft each year can now be separated using special waste bins. But we want to do more to make the campus even cleaner and more sustainable. Will you join us?
Smulders (B-AP)

Permanently abolish bachelor-before-master rule

ORAS aims to ensure that you can smoothly transition to your master's degree without any delays. That's why we advocate for a permanent abolition of the bachelor before master rule, allowing you to start your master's while completing the final credits of your bachelor's degree.
Britte Leenards (B-ME)

Education without performance pressure

ORAS aims to design education in a way that reduces performance pressure, meaning that students struggling with mental health issues or disabilities deserve as much recognition and support as honours students. This creates an environment where everyone feels valued and can thrive.
Remstedt (B-MT)

Free note taking platform

ORAS wants TU Delft to develop a free and better alternative to Studeersnel. Such a platform already exists at the University of Ghent and is positively received by all parties involved. This will allow everyone to share and find summaries and notes in an easy way.
Madhu (B-CSE)

Public transport compensation for everyone

ORAS believes it is fair that international students receive compensation for their public transport costs to and from university. Therefore ORAS wants to create public transport compensation for international students who live outside of Delft, so everyone can travel to university cheaply.
Marjolein Pellikaan (B-IDE)


ORAS has introduced the "Are you okay?" campaign by Rutgers to Delft, with the aim of promoting discussion and prevention of transgressive behaviour. We believe that the university should be a comfortable and secure place for everyone, without any unwanted situations.
Kroesse (M-EE)

A positive student image

Delft is full of energetic students who are fully committed to various activities alongside their studies. ORAS believes it is important to celebrate and showcase this involvement, for example through the StudentDoet day. Do you also want students to have a positive image again? Then choose ORAS!
Choy (B-Clin.Tech.)

Campus-wide Greenweek

It is important for TU Delft to promote, encourage, and inspire sustainability. To achieve this, ORAS, together with GreenTU and TNW, has introduced the campus-wide Green Week to offer new perspectives on sustainability. ORAS will ensure that TU Delft dedicates a week each year to focus on this topic.
van Hugten (B-AE)

Less deadlines

ORAS believes that setting unnecessary deadlines does not contribute to good education. That's why we advocate for less deadlines, so that you have more flexibility to schedule your studies and achieve the best results. No more stress due to unnecessary time pressure!
Bergink (B-MST)

Swimming pool on campus

Imagine having a swimming pool right here on campus! ORAS is committed to making it happen. We want to create a space for students to relax and exercise. So vote ORAS.
Mark van der Grun (M-AP)

Collegerama with the convenience of Netflex

ORAS ensures that you can study anytime and anywhere! We believe it's important that lectures are live-streamed on Collegerama so that you can ask questions to the professor. But that's not all! ORAS is working on a new, improved version of Collegerama, with the user-friendliness of Netflix. This makes studying even easier and more enjoyable!
de Wit (B-LST)

Studying on sustainable paper

Thanks to ORAS, you can now print on recycled paper! In the future, we even want to offer extra compensation for CO2 emissions to further reduce TU Delft's ecological footprint. Do you want ORAS to continue advocating for a more sustainable university? Then vote for ORAS!
Li (B-CSE)

Fully embrace ChatGPT

As new (AI) technologies like ChatGPT continue to advance, an increasing number of students are utilising them as a means of support during their studies. ORAS believes that TU Delft should embrace the use of AI and restructure education in a way that accommodates the implementation of such innovative advancements like ChatGPT. By doing so, we can maintain the highest quality of education while increasing efficiency and flexibility for students.
Poort (B-NB)

Minor platform for students abroad

We believe that you should be able to maximise your minor experience without any restrictions. That's why we're developing a platform for students pursuing a minor abroad or exchange. This platform will enable students to easily share their contact information with one another, fostering communication and connection for various purposes. Our ultimate aim is to help you have the time of your life abroad!
Pjotter Dekkers (B-Arch)

Print your project on A0 paper

Do you have a poster project that's too big for A3? Don't worry, ORAS’ got your back! We're shaking things up by making printing on a larger scale just as easy and convenient as possible. Say goodbye to size restrictions and hello to bigger and better posters!
Vogelaar (B-AES)

Low stimulus study places at your faculty

ORAS is committed to creating quiet study and exam spots so that students can fully concentrate on their studies. This includes appropriate lighting, chairs, and partitions to avoid distractions. This way, you can study in peace without getting distracted.

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Without ORAS no…

ORAS does not just fulfill its legal duty, we are also actively looking for things to improve at the TU Delft.
This has led to a lot of great things initialized by ORAS.

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10 & 11 May, 2022

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