World class Engineer

- Sanne Koomans

Your studies, your home!

- Bart van Koeveringe

Beyond education

- Isabel Mens

Wellbeing at all times

- Fien de Mol van Otterloo

Determine your own course

- Marten Leenders

Simple, Smart, Sustainable

- Maarten de Jong

Unity in community

- Julie Tazelaar

Recognition for your extracurricular activities on your diploma

- Stéphanie van Seters

Why vote?

It is very important that you vote. For the Student Council it is important that students show they care about student representation at the university. By voting you show you support the Student Council and this increases the amount of influence we have on the university’s policies!

How to vote?

On Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd of June you can vote for de Student Council elections. This is how you can vote:

  1. Go to or log in on Brightspace and follow the link.
  2. Choose Central Student Council
  3. Just Vote!

Voting Site