Innovative and challenging education

- Yasmine Ouibrahim

ORAS cares about personal development

- Hielke Piera

Study with the best digital resources

- Coco Langens

The best education for the Delft’ student on a growing university

- Tim Scholts

Easy enrollment at X

- Zara-Vé van Tetterode

Systematic awareness for student wellbeing

- Lars van der Horst

Lecture halls also usable as study place

- Emilie Jong


imgOras is the largest and oldest party in the Central Student Council. ORAS has a special focus on personal development through extracurricular activities, but we think qualitative education and supporting facilities are equally important. ORAS has been deeply involved in Delft’s student life for 46 years and receives a lot of information from students via numerous student organizations. The goal of ORAS is to create an environment in which students can excel and become excellent engineers in their field. To achieve this, students should be able to develop themselves both inside and outside their studies. The university should offer high quality education and adequate facilities, but should also stimulate extra-curricular activities such as sports, participation in student organizations and should foster the development of organizational skills. ORAS keeps close contact with students and staff members of the TU. We consider this as the most effective way to improve the TU and realize your wishes!

International Students

Over 10% of all the students at TU Delft have an international background. The Student Council party ORAS sees this as an enrichment, but recognizes that there is still a lot to do to solve the problems international students encounter.


The following points have been realized trough the effort of ORAS


Three indications when subscribing for a minor

Summer resits count for your BSA/Bachelors-before-Masters rule

Make an appointment with your academic counselor online

An extra psychologist at the TU Delft


100 extra study places in the Library

MyTUDelft App: all your study material in one application

Printing from your mobile devices

XXL opening hours Library

A supermarket on the Campus (with STIP)


Student input during the renovation of Sport & Culture

A Sports card for 1/3/6/12 months

Recognition for your extracurricular activities through the RAS certificate


1. ORAS is a constructive party

ORAS thinks that the most effective way to meet students’ wishes is to be a constructive and active debating partner for university staff.

2. ORAS stimulates personal development

ORAS thinks that to become an excellent engineer, development within, as well as besides your study is imperative.

3. ORAS has an extensive network

ORAS has a lot of contact with students, faculty Student Councils en all study-, student-, and sport associations. Therefore ORAS knows what problems occur and should be solved at the TU Delft.

4. ORAS, 44 years of knowledge

ORAS is the biggest party in the central student council and has been active for over 46 years. This way a lot of knowledge was acquired to create solid and well thought-out arguments.

5. ORAS takes initiative

Being close to many (student) organizations within the TU Delft, ORAS can identify problems at an early stage. ORAS then tries to solve these problems through initiatives

6. ORAS has a lot of influence

ORAS has rights according to the Dutch law. Therefore ORAS can carry out her opinions and ideas with strength.

7. Keeping promises

ORAS fulfilled last year’s election promises. Read about this under ORAS has accomplished.

8. Professional organization

ORAS has a vision that determines its annual policy. Each member of ORAS does his best to carry out this policy which is used as a guideline.