World class Engineer

- Maud Reinders

Time for development

- Matthijs van Teeffelen

Sustainable, of course!

- Alexandra Schelling

Wellbeing matters!

- Jelle Stap

Your perfect campus

- Jozua Heule

Your study, your course

- Tessa Hartog

Home sweet Delft

- Madelon van Haften

Paying per credit

- Janneke Lombaers

Election points

Student council elections

11 & 12 May 2022


  • World Class Enigineer
  • Wellbeing at all times


  • Your Studies, your Home!
  • Simple, Smart, Sustainable


  • Beyond Education
  • Determine your own course
  • Unity in Community

ORAS is looking ahead and will be working extra hard on these campaign issues next year

“Word Class Engineer ” – Sanne Koomans, CE

Haaiii!!! My name is Sanne and I am the number 1 on ORAS’s voter list for the student council elections this year. ORAS believes that you become the best engineer through education of the highest quality, supported by good facilities and sufficient room for personal development. We achieve excellence in education by working in a variety of areas. For example, we are working on guidelines for the number of deadlines during your studies and implementing new technologies, such as Virtual Reality, in your subjects. This also includes good facilities such as sufficient study places, XXL opening hours and the Collegerama. We also focus on personal development, through initiatives such as a flexible X-subscription and recognition for your extracurricular activities. Do you think it is important that education remains at the highest level so you can develop into a world-class engineer? Then vote May 11 and 12 for ORAS!

“Your Studies, Your Home! ” – Bart van Koeveringe – AP

Hello! My name is Bart and I am the number 2 on the ORAS list for this year’s student council elections. ORAS believes that education should be supported with the right facilities. This means that you should be able to study on a high tech campus, equipped with high quality supporting educational facilities. In addition, it is important to feel at home at the Delft campus, by making the campus a nice place to study, but also to meet fellow students. As ORAS, we are working on providing enough suitable study places, for example with the renewal of the studyplaces at the Library. We also believe that the campus should be a safe, inspiring and accessible place. This way, we can create a pleasant study climate in which there is room for more than just studying! Do you think this is important too? Then vote for ORAS on 11 and 12 May!

“Beyond education” – Isabel Mens, ID

Hi! My name is Isabel, I am a third year Industrial Design student and this year I will be the number 3 on the list of ORAS during the student council elections. ORAS believes in giving you the opportunity for personal development in addition to your studies. This includes, for example, doing a dreamteam, a board year, a committee, having a side job or playing an instrument. We also believe that the TU Delft should accommodate these active students in the form of recognition and financial support. That is why we are busy improving the facilities like the profiling fund so that everyone can develop themselves next to their studies! Do you think self-development is important too? Vote ORAS on 11 and 12 may!

“Wellbeing at all times” – Fien de Mol van Otterloo, TPM

Hi, I am Fien, 3rd year student of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management and I am number 4 on the ORAS list this year. As ORAS, we think it is important that students feel good about themselves but also know what to do when that is not the case. Wellbeing has received extra attention since the start of the corona pandemic and this is something we want to continue in the future. It is of all times, not only in crisis! This means that we work on prevention, accessibility and findability. For example, every student should be able to attend training courses and know where to look for help and support. TU Delft is a place where you can make mistakes, and where you also feel at home. A community with care and attention for others, where wellbeing is always open for discussion. Do you agree with this? Then vote for ORAS on the 11th and 12th of May!

“Determine your own course” – Marten Leenders, ME

Hi! My name is Marten and I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student. This year I am 5th on the list for ORAS for the student council elections. ORAS believes that you should be in charge of your studies. It is important that education and the right facilities support you in this. For example, ORAS is working on the possibility of retaking the same courses at other faculties. ORAS has also set up XXL opening hours during exam weeks so that you can study at times that suit your study rhythm. It is your future and therefore it is important that you determine the course of your studies. At the initiative of ORAS, a study planning tool will be developed to help you plan your studies.Β  This is how you become the master of your studies! Do you think this is important too? Vote ORAS 11 & 12 May!

“Simple, Smart, Sustainable” – Maarten de Jong, ID

Hi! My name is Maarten and I am a 1st year master student Integrated Product Design. This year, I am standing for election during the student council elections as the number 6 on the ORAS list. As ORAS, we believe that TU Delft should set the right example for its students and society. The TU Delft aims to have a CO2-neutral campus by 2030. As ORAS, we contribute to this by, for example, ensuring that it does not remain a matter of large studies and vague plans, but concrete actions. For example, we believe that the university should facilitate sustainable options to encourage students to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This can be done in the field of eating, drinking, travelling and many other everyday habits. We also want to support sustainable student initiatives and projects by setting up a sustainability fund. 2030 is fast approaching, which is why ORAS thinks that the catering industry, waste flows, furniture, energy use and much more should be made sustainable at the TU Delft soon! Do you want to contribute to achieving these sustainability goals? Simple; vote ORAS 11 and 12 May!

“Unity in community ” – Julie Tazelaar, Arch

Hello! My name is Julie and I am a third year Architecture student. This year I am running as number 7 on the list of ORAS for the student council elections. Delft is a university with students from all over the world. Our city has a unique student culture, and ORAS values this greatly. As ORAS we have been working on strengthening the relationship between students and the city of Delft by constantly talking to students, the municipality and the TU Delft. Additionally, we try to make sure all students feel at home at the university and in the city and foster the bond between international and national students. To do this, we host monthly meetings with international student organisations, to make sure their voices are being heard. Through this we try to create one united TU community. Do you also think that everyone should feel at home at the TU? Then vote 11 and 12 May for ORAS!