Innovative and challenging education

- Yasmine Ouibrahim

ORAS cares about personal development

- Hielke Piera

Study with the best digital resources

- Coco Langens

The best education for the Delft’ student on a growing university

- Tim Scholts

Easy enrollment at X

- Zara-Vé van Tetterode

Systematic awareness for student wellbeing

- Lars van der Horst

Lecture halls also usable as study place

- Emilie Jong

Election points

Student Council elections

May 21st & 22nd, 2019


  • Innovative and challenging education
  • The best education for the Delft’ student on a growing university
  • Systematic awareness for student wellbeing


  • Study with the best digital resources
  • Lecture halls also usable as study place

Personal development

  • Easy enrollment at X
  • ORAS cares about personal development

ORAS needs your vote to work extra hard on these election points

“Innovative and challenging education” – Yasmine Ouibrahim, AR

Hello! My name is Yasmine and I am a second-year bachelor student Architecture. In addition to my studies I, as a student of the well renowned TU delft, am very involved in issues pertaining to the development of our society and especially questions pertaining to the sustainability issues where energy will play a central role. I was able to achieve results in making a contribution on these societal issues by being involved in two committees this year at Stylos and the faculty student council for architecture. My involvement this year was focused on in helping improve innovation and the very basic facilities within architecture. This last issue is of primary importance for the entire TU Delft. That is me as part of ORAS I stand firm for. ORAS is innovative and is committed to Blended Learning and online courses, for a good combination of online learning and contact education. ORAS is also committed to Virtual Reality, with the VR Zone now supporting students, teachers and researchers in the use, construction and exploration of VR in education and research. With your voice we can continue to encourage the use of this. Vote for ORAS on 21 and 22 May!


“ORAS cares about personal development” – Hielke Piera, AE

Hey upcoming engineers, do you believe that your student days should be about more than just your study? My name is Hielke and I’m number 2 on the list for ORAS for next year’s student council. In addition to my study Aerospace Engineering, I like to spend my free time playing sports and participating in student boards. I believe that there’s more to becoming a great engineer than just scoring good grades. Personal development in areas not related to your study, like sports, abroad life experience and dreamteams is just as important. The possibility for broadening your horizons should always remain at the TU Delft, even with the current study pressure. Do your student days mean more to you than just studying? Vote on the 21st and 22nd for ORAS!

“Study with the best digital resources” – Coco Langens, ME

Hi! I’m Coco, running as number 3 for ORAS. This year I’m studying in London and having a great time! I’ve studied Mechanical Engineering for three years and I’m using the year in London as preparation for the master biomechanics. The digital facilities at the TU enable me to complete the last module of my bachelor Mechanical Engineering at the same time. I watch lectures via Collegerama, find necessary programs on the Virtual Desktop and even reviewing my exam is possible with the exam scanning system. The IT facilities of the TU Delft are relatively good, but continuous improvement is essential. Delft is a technical university so needless to say our IT-tools should be state-of-the-art. Next year we will continue to expand the digital campus! Is this important to you too? Vote for ORAS May 21 & 22! 

“The best education for the Delft’ student on a growing university” – Tim Scholts, ME

My name is Tim and I can be found at the fourth place on the list of ORAS. When I was a freshman at mechanical engineering I studied with 800 other first year students. It was not always easy to find a spot to finish our groupwork, but Pulse has solved this problem. After the course Computer science and engineering became English, the number of student grew exponentially. More teachers and space is needed to guarantee good education for all these students. We want to maintain the quality of the education at the TU Delft together with ORAS, even if the number of students grows in the next few years. We want to realise that students from all faculties can profit from high quality and personal education in these times of growth. Is this also your opinion? Vote for ORAS on the 21st and 22nd of May!


“Easy enrollment at X” – Zara-Vé van Tetterode, TPM

Hi! Zara-Vé here! I’m a third year student at TPM and you can find me on the campus a lot. At the moment I’m studying hard and planning to earn my bachelor’s degree this summer! Furthermore I’m active at the rowing association Laga. For me, it is very important to be able to practice sports besides studying. You can find me at X anytime, to blow of some steam during spinning class, or relax at a yoga class. Unfortunately, the registration for these classes or reserving spaces at X is not an optimal system, yet. That is why Iwant to commit to improve the registration system! I want to create the possibility of reserving through your mobile phone, creating easy access to the facilities that  X gives us!

“Systematic awareness for student wellbeing” – Lars van der Horst, AR

Hi guys! I’m Lars and I’m in my second year of the bachelor architecture and the built environment here at TU in Delft! Two years ago I decided to study architecture because I wanted to develop my technical interests in a creative way. Here, I learned creativity is something that cannot be forced and that this process takes time. I believe that the same thing counts for studying in general.The increasing pressure to study has a negative influence on how you perform, but it also influences the way you feel besides your study.

Awareness for the well-being of students appears to become more important now that the high studypressure seems to be the new standard. But studying with stress and under pressure does not have to become the new norm. ORAS is committed to increase the structural attention for the well-being of students! Do you also find this important? Vote ORAS on May 21 and 22!

“Lecture halls also usable as study place” – Emilie Jong, EE

Hi! I’m Emilie and third-year Electrical Engineering student. I believe that the student life in Delft has more to offer than just studying. My study does not have many obligations which is why I am able to develop myself in other areas. For example, I am a member of the student association Virgiel, where I take part in committees and I hockey at a sub-association of Virgiel. Being busy besides studying means that you need to study hard at the right time. However, at the peak moments, during the weeks before the exams, it isn’t easy to find a study spot: if you’re not on time, there isn’t enough space. ORAS is already trying to fix this problem. According to ORAS anyone that wants to study on the campus should have a suitable study spot. For instance, ORAS wants to use lecture halls as study space, when these are not in use. Do you agree that there needs to be a study spot for every student? With your vote ORAS can achieve this!